Radio spectrum and telecommunications Policy by Country

Through our agent in that covered the five continent and our experience of several years we have provided a basis for laws regulating radio and telecommunications equipment in each country.

Please select the continent you want exploring to see the profile of each country:

Oceania Market

Australia and Pacific map A detail listening about Oceania and Australia Telecom market, with many experience is this region market we give the best assistance to follow and regulator policy and market analysis …

Read more: Oceania Market

Asian Market

Asia MapTelecommunications market of Asian countries, find country by country; Russian, CIS and Southeast Asia regulation policy and market news …

Read more: Asian Market


AmericasAnalysis and Research on Telecom Industry and policy in the North American, South and Caribbean …

Read more: AMERICAS

African Market

Africa MapMarket Success offer a complete and a comprehensive research on the African Telecommunications industry using our four dimensional framework: Policy and Regulation; Market Expectations; Life Cycle and Regional Segmentation...

Read more: African Market

Europe Market

Europe mapInformation on the IT, telecommunications Market and regulation in EU, Central and Eastern European countries ...

Read more: Europe Market

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