The telecommunications industry covers a several areas including telecommunication type, information and technology and Wireless and Radio Equipment

This industry has a significant social, cultural and economic impact on contemporary civilization. The telecommunication industry's revenue reaches $3.85 trillion In 2008, about 3 percent of the gross world product (official exchange rate).

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Telecommunications Equipment

Telecommunication equipment Telecommunications equipment is communications or networking equipment which interfaces with public telecom network (PSTN) or wide area network (WAN) services ...

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Information Technology Equipment

Information and technology equipmentInformation technology define as an industry that uses computers, networking, software programming, and other equipment and processes to store, process, retrieve, transmit, and protect information.

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Wireless and Radio Equipment

Wireless and Radio equipment Wireless and radio equipment covers any device or equipment with a radio transmitter. This includes mobile (GSM or CDMA) handsets, wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment such as Wi-Fi devices,

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